About Us

About Us

Harrington Family Funeral Services has been serving Waycross area families For years. We are honored To be a part Of the rich history Of this community And plan To be a part Of it For many years To come.

About Harrington Family Funeral Services

We understand the hard work people put Into establishing financial security For their loved ones, which Is why we have led the market In providing excellent services at exceptional costs. It Is the philosophy And practice Of Harrington Funeral Home Inc. that distinguished And professional funeral services should Not deplete a family Of its financial resources Or cost a fortune. We have historically provided our clients With high quality customized services, distinctive merchandise And support, aspects which we consider To be vital attributes Of our customer service.

The quality Of service that we provide Is highly competitive throughout our region. When a loved one passes away, we ask that you visit our facility To speak With one Of our professional staff members For a free consultation Or utilize our online service. Experience For yourself why we have established generational relationships With families throughout the South Georgia region. We encourage you To Compare our prices And quality With others In our service area. The staff at Harrington Family Funeral Services Is confident that you will be pleased With your decision To utilize our services, For it Is the Right choice. Your family’s emotional And financial well-being Is always our concern.




Our Heritage Since 1963

​ Antonio Harrington, Jr., a third generation Of Harrington Funeral Home, Inc., Is the owner Of Harrington Family Funeral Services In Waycoss, Ga. His grandfather, Ralph King Harrington, was a highly respected And distinguished Licensed Funeral Director And Embalmer In the state Of Georgia. His independently owned business, established In 1963, was born out Of hard work, sacrifice, dedication And an untiring commitment To service. He was a philanthropist In the community As well As the first African American Police Officer In Valdosta.

After his passing In 2001, Antonio D. Harrington, Sr. took ownership And continued To serve thousands Of people In the Southern Region Of Georgia at Harrington Funeral Home In Valdosta And Lakeland, Georgia.

Antonio Harrington, Jr.'s servitude and passion for serving those in bereavement began as a young boy as he worked alongside his father. His 15 years of serving in the funeral industry extend to Valdosta, Atlanta, and Statesboro, Georgia as well as Orlando, Florida, and Southern California.

The Harrington legacy remains very much alive today. At Harrington Family Funeral Services we will continue to serve families from all walks of life, all financial circumstances, and all religious and beliefs according to their individual wishes. Experience for yourself why we have established generational relationships with families throughout the South Georgia region. Ralph King Harrington's legacy will continue.




Our Facilities

In addition To our Waycross location, the Harrington Family funerals extends To Valdosta And Lakeland, Georgia.


Harrington Family Funeral Services
Phone: (912) 283-6162​
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